Unofficial Results from the Mother's Day Weekend Meso Run

Saturday, May 11 2019

Thanks so much for joining us for the 2nd Annual Mother's Day Weekend Meso Run/Walk!  Below are the unofficial results, based largely on bibs (so if folks switched bibs, there is no guarantee the results are accurate).  Let us know if you think your time is inaccurately reflected below.  Come back next year to beat your time!

Also, check out the Meso Run course records below this year's results!


* Finished in a stroller!

** The female wearing the purple jacket had no visible bib number, so we couldn't identify you. But you did a great job!

Mother's Day Weekend Meso Run All-Time Course Records:



  • Rosanna Xia, 2018: 27:06


  • Casey Raymond, 2019: 22:16

Under 18:

  • Gaspar Ioos (age 11), 2019: 23:55